10 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time for Professional Development

Professional Devlopment student in front of city hall

There is no better time to expand your professional knowledge and grow your career skillsets than right now. The pace of the world has shifted, so you might be able to think about using this time to invest in your personal growth and professional development. Ranging from Project Management to Financial Planning, Temple University has a wide variety of certificate programs to choose from. Choose one or a combination of several courses to maximize your potential. Here are our top ten reasons for choosing a professional development course right now. 


1. All courses are online. 

One of the biggest conflicts in life is finding time to accomplish all of your goals. Thankfully online courses curb this issue well. With remote learning, you can choose a program or course that easily fits around your schedule; all that’s required is your computer and your intellect.  

2. Maintain your skills and stay relevant in the workforce right now and in the future. 

The workforce is always changing and innovating, so your skills should be changing too. Whether you’re beginning a new career, switching fields, or just interested in developing your skills, there is a course or program for you.  

3. Add versatile elements to your professional deck. 

Expand your interests and polish your skillset across all aspects of your life with certificates like editing and business writing, or a certificate in leadership and management. All certificates hold transferable skills that apply across industries and trades. No matter what you’re looking to fine-tune, there is a certificate for you. 

4. Earn digital badges.  

Add to your resume and social networking profiles by earning official digital badges that will confirm your skillset and abilities with one quick glance. Impress your peers and potential employers before you even meet them with your polished professional networking profile and Temple-certified badges.  

5. Gain online learning experience. 

Remote learning and working have become the norm in many workplaces, and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. In fact, based on an article from Global Workplace Analytics, remote working has seen an increase of 173% since 2005, and 80% of employees want to work from home. Rather than fall short on the learning curve, get ahead of it by taking professional development courses and earning certificates in the process. Acquire a better understanding of technology that will develop your digital learning habits and abilities. 

6. Increase your professional market value with certifications.  

According to a study conducted by Business Wire, 79% of certified professionals see a tangible impact on their career, including an increase in salary. Add value to your intellect and your earning potential with a Temple University professional development certificate.  

7. Feel accomplished!  

The big question of the year is; what have you spent 2020 doing? Today, it seems everyone is finding some way to improve or grow themselves, and what better aspect of your life to perfect than your professional development? Have real, new skills to discuss in interviews and meetings when reflecting on how you spent your time in 2020. 

8. Expand your field of interest. 

Learn a skill outside of your current career field or dip your hand in a different aspect of your current industry. Even if you love what you do, a change of scene to try something new is a great way to expand your horizons and see where it could lead you. Who knows, you might even find a hidden passion! 

9. Network with others in your course.  

Professional connections with peers in your field of interest or industry can sometimes be a rare opportunity. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect and engage with others in your courses and work on building relationships for the future.  

10. Discover new ideas and thinking patterns.  

Two brains are better than one, and more than two is even better. Some of the best ideas are sparked by hearing other people’s thoughts, so open your ears and grab a pen: your courses and peers are just a click away. Make yourself a better learner and professional today.