Let’s Talk Virtual Reality

Student with a VR headset

Temple University has always been at the cutting edge of new technologies, driving developments and forging new paths for higher education learning, entrepreneurs, and teaching integrations. Since introduced in the 2010s, next-generation virtual and augmented reality technologies have moved to the frontier of application developments.

Sean Maxwell, LAN Administrator, and Technology Ninja, has introduced VR capabilities at Temple University Harrisburg for both students and faculty as a means of alternative and hands-on teaching experiences.

Sean recently has worked closely with Harrisburg campus professor, James Corbin on a “Family Therapy VR Experience” which allows for an engaging experience for students to obtain learning objectives and have fun!

So how does it work?

A student from the class volunteered to enter the headset and act as the therapist or social worker for the case.  Only one student may enter the headset for the virtual reality experience, but the rest of the class is able to follow along by mirroring the headset's display to the classroom projector.  In the simulation, the student receives the initial phone call of distress and proceeds to schedule them for a formal appointment. They arrive at the office and begin their therapeutic session.

Professor Corbin wanted to take the interaction even further. He opted to poll the entire class on responses to each of these objectives. As key learning objectives come up, the simulation freezes and the class uses critical thinking skills to access the situation and implement the best expertise. This portion is what is so attractive about virtual reality,  as it engages audiences allowing them to learn, participate and engage, even if they aren’t in the headset themselves.

Maxwell who implemented the augmented reality simulation for Temple University Harrisburg recalls how “extremely rewarding the experience to see the students not only have fun with the technology, but also engage with learning objectives on a whole new level”.

You can view a preview of the Virtual Reality simulation here - 


If you’re interested in learning about Temple University Harrisburg’s VR capabilities and development services, please visit - https://harrisburg.temple.edu/services/virtual-reality-development