Real Estate Appraiser Continuing Education Courses

REI Appraiser Continuing Education

Now that the continuing education cycle for real estate salespeople has come to a close, the Real Estate Institute is preparing for another continuing education renewal period – this time for Pennsylvania real estate appraisers.

PA Real Estate Appraisers must complete 28 hours of continuing education by June 30th, 2019, and REI will provide the opportunity to fulfill the required coursework leading up to the deadline. Of the 28 hours, appraisers must complete two courses alongside their electives: Appraisal Certification Law (two hours) and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (seven hours), commonly referred to as USPAP. Starting in February 2019, the courses will be offered mid-week, with the Appraisal Cert. Law taking place on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday and the USPAP course following it the next day. While USPAP courses will take place from the morning to the late afternoon, the Certification Law courses will alternate between mornings and afternoons. 

                REI will offer these two required courses at Temple University Center City in addition to Temple University’s Ambler campus to give appraisers flexibility of location. At both campuses, these two courses will be offered from February until June to give appraisers as much time and convenience as possible. REI is also eager to expand its offerings beyond the Center City campus and hopes to continue to do so with future coursework.

                The offerings will be taught by REI instructor Robert Luciani, an experienced appraiser who has also worked in the City of Philadelphia. As the Temple Real Estate Institute’s Appraisal continuing education program gets underway, REI plans to develop, approve, and ultimately offer additional electives for appraisers in future semesters.

                The Real Estate Institute’s appraisal continuing education offerings will open for registration in early November 2018.