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Events and Programming

UC IDEA Committee Events and Programs

The UC-IDEA Committee will lead efforts to identify areas within University College where we can improve, as well as find other areas that we can partner with and influence. The committee will also recommend action steps and markers to assess our progress. Part of those steps will be monthly programs designed to create safe spaces to discuss important issues related to race and social equity. 

Diversity Lunch and Learn Programs

UC-IDEA Committee September and October Dialogue Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

UC-IDEA Committee Frequently Asked Questions

What does IDEA Mean? What Does the UC-IDEA Committee do?

IDEA means Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Action.

Similarly to other multicultural committees, the UC-IDEA Committee is made up of interested University College staff members. The committee meets weekly and works to eliminate racial and other barriers that create disparities among all people by offering trainings, relevant programming and resources.

UC-IDEA Committee

UC-IDEA Committee

The University College IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Action) Committee seeks to unravel, disband and shine a light on systemic racism and inequities through a culture of social sharing that acknowledges and values difference and recognizes possible discomfort in these discussions.

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