As of Fall 2023, the Strengths-based Leadership Certificate will only be offered for corporate trainings.

This program will no longer be offered as an open-enrollment workshop. Please contact Carolyn Truchon at to plan a corporate training.



Is your organization and/or employees feeling disengaged, unmotivated, or are you just not sure how to jump start your team after the last few years of never-ending changes? Look no further than our Strengths-based Leadership Certificate Program because we have what staff and leaders alike need to feel refreshed and empowered!

Join us and learn how to empower your team through a shared vision –

Strengths-based Vision!

Investing in your team is one of the most powerful decisions you can make. Strengths-based Leadership isn’t just for the supervisors, manager, and directors but also for emerging leaders, mentors, coaches, and YES employees too!

With the use of Strengths-based values and skills:

  • Reduce turnover

  • Improve morale

  • Inspire staff on all levels of the organization

  • Create a better culture for your organization

Strengths-based values will stay with your team and help you grow!


This certificate program provides an opportunity to learn and practice skills leading to a more empowered workplace. Each of the five core workshops include 3 hours of live instructor-led Zoom sessions and 3 hours of online course work through Canvas, our online learning system, where participants engage in further discussion and reflection. Full workshop credit is provided upon completion of both live Zoom session and the online Canvas work. To earn the Strengths-based Leadership Certificate, participants must successfully complete all 6 workshops within two years from initial registration dates.

The 5 core workshops are listed below. Visit the registration page to learn more about each workshop.

  • Strengths-based Leadership: An Overview

  • Communication Skills for Strengths-based Leaders

  • Culture and the Strengths-based Leader

  • Performance Management and the Strengths-based Leader

  • Strengths-based Leaders Impacting Change

Those wishing to obtain the certificate for Strengths-based Leadership will need to complete the final workshop below.

Strengths-based Leadership Final Presentation

This course is available to individuals who have completed the five workshops of the Strengths-based Leadership Series and wish to obtain the Strengths-based Leadership Certificate. To complete the certificate, participants must submit a final project plan, implement the project for 30 days, present their project, and submit a Final Report.

Please visit our registration page for more detailed information about the Final Presentation and its requirements.

Workshop and Certificate Fees

There are two options for this program. You may choose to purchase the bundle where all 6 of the workshops are included at a fee of $550 or if you do not wish to obtain the certificate, you are welcome to enroll in one or more of the 5 workshops that you choose.

  • Individual Workshops:

    • $90 each

    • Final not included

  • Bundled Certificate

    • $550

    • 6 workshops total


We are excited to offer a virtual option for our popular Strengths-based Leadership workshops! This virtual option consists of a half-day online instructor-led workshop followed by approximately three hours of online coursework, which you complete on your own time within three weeks of attending the half-day workshop.

Certificate Requirements

To earn the Strengths-based Leadership Certificate, participants must complete the following within two years:

  • Attended each of the five Strengths-based Leadership Workshops

  • Complete a workplace project demonstrating application of strengths-based leadership

  • Attend a Final Presentation session and present an overview of your project goals and outcomes

Continuing Education Credit

Please see our registration page on how to obtain CE credit for the 5 workshops.