Services Offered

Services are available along all points on the research and evaluation continuum. These include:

  • Initial research question and goal articulation

  • Development of program logic models and theories of change

  • Background research and literature review

  • Project planning and execution:

    • Needs assessments to systematically identify gaps in organizational operations

    • Impact evaluation of new and existing programs and interventions

    • Implementation/process evaluation of new and existing programs and interventions, including fidelity of implementation to standards and guidelines

  • Data collection:

    • Survey development, distribution, and data management

    • Interviews, focus groups, observation, field work, document/artifact review

  • Data analysis:

    • Analysis of qualitative data (e.g., interviews, focus groups, documents), including inductive and deductive coding, and narrative and thematic analysis

    • Analysis of quantitative (numerical) data, including descriptive and inferential statistics

  • Data reporting:

    • The ORE team is skilled at translating complex data and study findings into cohesive, compelling stories and graphics suitable for both specialist and non-technical audiences.

Experience You Can Trust

Research and Evaluation Services is led by Heather Goldsworthy, PhD. Dr. Goldsworthy has over 10 years’ experience designing, leading, and managing mixed-methods research and evaluation projects for a wide range of clients and partners. She is certified in the Kirkpatrick Method of Evaluation.



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