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University College seeks to provide access to quality educational programs and services for a diverse community of traditional and non-traditional adult learners who seek enhanced knowledge and skills through credit, non-credit, and continuing education programs offered at our regional campuses, off-campus locations, and online.

Temple Ambler Arboretum

The Ambler Arboretum is an excellent educational resource for students, faculty and visitors alike. From full degrees to non-credit programs, the Arboretum has been teaching sustainable practices for more than a century.

Learn more about our the Arboretum.

Temple Ambler EarthFest

What will you discover?

In 2022, EarthFest invites you back to campus for interactive experiences designed to educate and excite learners about citizen science and the environment!

Adult Learners

Convenient location, affordability, and courses offered at convenient hours for working adults. Find out why Temple's University College offers the perfect programs for adult learners!

Learn more about programs designed to work with your schedule.