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Off-Campus Programs and Training

For more than 60 years, Temple University’s Off-Campus Programs and Training (OCPT) office has been a fixture of workforce development for businesses, organizations and nonprofits in the Greater Philadelphia community. We support the staff of our diverse clientele through tailored instruction in essential skills, including business analysis & strategic thinking, communication, customer service, leadership & management and project management. 

Our Process

We develop instructional programs that cater to your organizational objectives by combining a roster of experienced educators with a range of credit and non-credit courses. We understand your workforce before educating, we design with your needs in mind, and we show your employees their next professional horizon.


The process starts with a convenient needs assessment; our team will ask questions, analyze the data, and develop recommendations for high-impact training solutions that improve both individual and organizational performance.


Based on our findings, OCPT works with proven industry leaders and instructors to deliver tailored programs with practical implementations. Your courses are offered in a variety of formats: online, hybrid and in-person.


Our staff will provide your organization with a transformative learning experience that serves as a starting point for education – the beginning of an ongoing process leading to greater efficiency and performance.


OCPT staff will work with your organization to assess learning objectives and provide recommendations for continuing education, so that lasting effects are felt beyond the classroom.

Workshop Examples

  • Project Management Certification 
    • Our six-day Project Managment Certification program will allow your staff to gain familiarity with the essential tools and templates of effective project management, supercharging project timelines and outcomes. 
  • Business Writing Boot Camp
    • With clear correspondence comes clear results; our comprehensive business writing workshop is essential, inclusive, and outright fun. Participants will work with our expert instructor in the effort to affect precision in their writing and more. 
  • Strengths Team Building and Collaborative Communication
    • What does prioritizing a culture of honest employee feedback look like in the day-to-day? Learn how the Radical Candor approach can create positive and inclusive frameworks for employees to give and receive valuable feedback in our team building workshop. 
  • Supervising Hourly Employees
    • Designed for new managers now confronting the challenges of building a culture of safety and trust, our supervision workshop will educate participants on how being a “boss” is different than being just a coworker. 
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence
    • For managers and employees working in high-stress environments, Emotional Intelligence has proven to be a requisite skillset. We’ll explore the core domains of Emotional Intelligence and more before closing the session with participants using their new knowledge to identify specific ways in which they can better interact with colleagues.

Why Temple?

Trusted within the community

Temple’s OCPT has long been a vital professional development resource within the Greater Philadelphia community. By learning that the personal can transcend into the universal, we utilize years of experience to effectively partner with your organization and meet your employees where they are -- so we can show them where they can soon be.

Tailored to your needs

Your success is our success. Our staff will work with stakeholders to deliver highly personalized lesson plans and objectives that engage participants.

Who We Are

Industry Leaders and Experienced Instructors