proranger on a ropes course

ProRanger Program

cadets working near a patrol car

ProRanger Philadelphia was established in 2009 as an academic and technical skills training and internship program that was cooperatively administered by the National Park Service and Temple University. Participants took academic coursework and participated in trainings and internships to gain exposure to the career field of a law enforcement park ranger before attending the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy. Students who successfully completed the program were eligible for non-competitive conversion to a permanent law enforcement ranger through a direct hiring authority.

Beginning in July 2022, the National Park Service has begun hiring permanent law enforcement rangers through the Law Enforcement Hiring Initiative (known informally as “direct to FLETC”).  No additional students will be accepted into the ProRanger Program but please follow along with the remaining ProRangers on the blog site.

If you are interested in learning more about the Changes to the NPS Law Enforcement Hiring Initiative visit here:

If you are interested in employment as a law enforcement ranger on a seasonal basis, please visit Temple’s Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy site here: