UC-IDEA Committee

The University College IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Action) Committee seeks to unravel, disband and shine a light on systemic racism and inequities through a culture of social sharing that acknowledges and values difference and recognizes possible discomfort in these discussions.

The IDEA committee's goal is to eliminate barriers that create disparities amongst people of all races, cultures, ages and abilities. The IDEA committee will focus on influencing action institutionally on all Temple University College campuses, locally in our communities, and anywhere there is an opportunity that presents itself to do so.

We will do this through training, fostering a culture of allyship, and sharing experiences of a diverse population to understand and create a more equitable workplace and world. IDEA raises up all people, particularly people of color and those who have been disenfranchised, through promoting achievements and recognizing their contributions.

The UC-IDEA Committee has defined the terms - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity - as follows:


We define inclusion as "everyone is heard and everyone has a seat." All opinions have equal weight and value. We acknowledge, however, that there will be times when historically disenfranchised populations need to be heard the loudest. We recognize that the system actively excludes specific populations and we must look for ways to include those not present so that no one is left out of a conversation. We need to act with intention to make a space where it is safe to share perspectives.


Diversity means embracing people from across the human experience including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual preference, abilities, religion, education and socioeconomic backgrounds. We must ensure that all perspectives are welcome and appreciated, and that those diverse perspectives are taken into account in all levels of decision-making.


Ensuring equity requires acknowledging and breaking down systemic barriers that prevent differing populations from entering into and succeeding in different areas of education, employment and economic success. We do this by gathering and analyzing disaggregated data and then identifying strategies to address root causes of those inequities.

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Events and Programming

The UC-IDEA Committee will lead efforts to identify areas within University College where we can improve, as well as find other areas that we can partner with and influence. The committee will also recommend action steps and markers to assess our progress. Part of those steps will be monthly programs designed to create safe spaces to discuss important issues related to race and social equity. Learn about our programs.


The UC-IDEA Committee is designed to start important discussions and provide essential information and turn advocacy into positive action. Discover resources on a wide variety of race, social and criminal justice, gender, mental health and equity issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the UC-IDEA Committee, its goals, members and more with our Frequently Asked Questions