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Crisbel Baez
Temple University Ambler

"It is important to work on initiatives that are going to drive social change and the UC-IDEA committee is an integral part of facilitating that. Inclusion, Diversity and equity issues are still very present in society and as a higher education administrator, I feel it is my duty to work with a team that will help make spaces equitable and accessible to a wide variety of people. Together, I am convinced we can make the change we want to see."

Chris Bryant
Temple University Center City

"I joined the UC-IDEA Committee to help University College become a place that serves the greater needs of disenfranchised people in addition to creating and cultivating a place where all individuals feel welcomed, appreciated and valued."

Megan Cranney
Temple University Ambler
University Ombudsperson

"I am passionate about inclusion and social justice in my personal and professional life. I knew the UC-IDEA committee was something that I wanted to be a part of. It is my hope that with the work that this committee and others like it are doing, we can continue to build towards making Temple University a more inclusive space. Personally, I pledge to continue to educate myself so that I can be the best ally and advocate that I can be."

Sean Daly
Temple University Ambler

"I decided to be a part of the UC-IDEA Committee because I could not think of one good reason to justify not participating during this time in our country." Sean has been a Safe Zone Certified Facilitator through the office of IDEAL since 2018. 

Angela Davis
Temple University Ambler

James Duffy
Temple University Ambler

"Growing up in a predominantly white community, I wasn’t initially exposed to a diversity of cultures, thoughts and ideas. It wasn’t until college and, more specifically, when I became a journalist that I came to understand the invaluable importance of diversity, inclusion and equity. I joined the UC-IDEA committee to gain a better understanding of these vital issues and the necessity for change so that I might take my advocacy and turn it into positive action." 

Brooke Harkins
Temple University Ambler

"I joined the UC-IDEA committee because of the friends, family, colleagues and students I care about and believe in fighting for. We are living in unprecedented times, and in these times, I hope my alliance, voice and beliefs will aid in equally embracing all people across the human experience. I hope change occurs here, at Temple, and beyond.

Anitha Jones
Temple University Harrisburg

"I joined the UC-IDEA committee to have a voice in helping to create an environment that values and meets individuals where they are at. By bringing in, sharing, and learning other perspectives, I believe together we can break down barriers, create positive change, foster acceptance, and model respect and appreciation for all."

Christine Jones
Main Campus, Office of Non-credit and Continuing Education

"I want to be able to foster the progress of breaking down ALL barriers within the workplace. I believe the work of D & I starts with hearing from all staff, and supporting efforts to address marginalization, microaggression, and inequality in the workplace. Being part of an institution of higher education, I feel it is our duty to provide proper guidance and educational resources for growth and learning to our staff and to the populations we serve."

Danielle Martin
Temple University Harrisbrg

Lindsay Price
Temple University Harrisburg

Kathy Salisbury
Temple University Ambler

Tara Stasik
Temple University Ambler

"I have worked in higher education for over 25 years and no matter what direction my career has taken, serving students — all students — remains at the core of my value system. Because I have strong convictions that all students should be supported, have opportunities presented, and feel included, joining the UC-IDEA committee is just one way that I feel I can make an impact in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. There is much work to be done so I want to contribute instead of being a bystander."

Nicole Westrick
Main Campus, Office of Non-credit and Continuing Education

Joanne White
Temple University Harrisburg

"I joined the UC-IDEA committee to better understand social injustice and inequity, to break down some of my own inherent bias, and to join with like-minded colleagues to 'be the change we wish to see in the world.'"