Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability

The Certificate in Sustainability provides students with foundational knowledge and field experience to build the tools necessary for sustainability in action, and to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive postgraduate environment where the climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues facing our communities today.

University College offers a twelve-credit, four-course interdisciplinary Certificate in Sustainability, framed around the key pillars of environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

This certificate is open to students from any major. The goal is to examine sustainability from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and to draw together your academic and professional experiences through the Sustainability in Action course, synthesizing your work into a hands-on project that you can use to showcase your approach and commitment to sustainability.

The four courses will be selected as follows:

  • One course (or 3 credits) from the Sustainable Environment category (SE).
  • One course (or 3 credits) from the Sustainable Social and Culture category (SS).
  • One course (or 3 credits) from the Sustainable Economics and Politics category (SP).
  • The final course taken will be Sustainability in Action (UC 3101).

One course may be from the student's major department if it is not fulfilling a requirement within that major.

General Education courses can be included in the array of courses, but can constitute no more than one of the four courses toward the certificate. 

The certificate courses in sustainability can satisfy other minors and/or certificates.

To view the full list of courses that are eligible for the certificate, view the information in the Temple Bulletin.

For more information about the certificate, email .